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Monday 24th April – Tearing my Hair out

About editing this 2nd Steam Engine Video. Lack of Disk space is becoming a major issue.

Anyway on a positive…..I have uploaded more photos to the following galleries and pages for your hopeful enjoyment…..

http://www.isleofmanbydrone.com/photos/festival-of-steam-steam-engines/ – Steam Engines

http://www.isleofmanbydrone.com/photos/port-grenaugh/ – Port Grenaugh

http://www.isleofmanbydrone.com/photos/peel/ – Peel and some of these are stunning (I Think)

http://www.isleofmanbydrone.com/photos/niarbyl/ – Niarbyl

http://www.isleofmanbydrone.com/photos/jurby/ – Jurby Beach – Ship Wreck

All will have videos to follow but this is my start to relieve some of my own stress.

Let me know what you think please.

Thursday 30th March – Laxey Wheel

Weather back to being rubbish, misty, foggy and wet.

Anyway, my video of Sulby Reservoir has had 150 views already and I am about to hit publish on my Video of a flight around Laxey Wheel, its a little shorter and still with great music supplied by Anthony Cubbon, it will also show you parts around the Wheel that you cannot normally see unless you visit the site, which I now fully intend to do once I get my Residence Heritage Pass as there is a mine to visit etc.


As always hope you enjoy and if these leads on to you subbing on my Youtube channel then thats even more awesome.

Take care all.



Tuesday 29th March – Isle of Man in all its glory.

Well here it is, what I believe to be my best video so far, a little bit of precision flying and unbelievably beautiful scenery make it a winner with a great musical background track.


I hope you enjoy watching whilst i start work on either my Maughold or Laxey Wheel videos which hopefully will turn out as well and for hopeful release tomorrow.

If you like the video then please comment, like and sub to my channel and please feel free to share on FB or any other social media you may be active on.

I honestly think it shows off this beautiful island in all its glory, you can even if you watch full screen see Northern Ireland, Scotland and Cumbria due to the clear day and 4k recording.

Thanks as always for your support.