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  1. Well, it’s a map! Not sure what I’m supposed to be commenting on. Looks just the same as google maps to me. Is it supposed to be showing where your panoramas are located? Because I can’t see any. (Using Safari browser on a Macbook)

    1. Hi John,
      If the map is working correctly you should see a number of circles indicating the 360 photo’s we have taken around the island. If you’re only seeing the map and nothing else then it’s not working correctly for you. We have been trying to fix some issues with the login and map over the last few days so please try again and let us know if it’s still not working.

  2. It used to work in both Firefox and Chrome (on Linux) but it does not any more. I can see the pale blue circles with numbers at first, then I zoom in and they gradually disappear, but the panorama markers do not appear.

  3. Love all of them, but particularly the one closest to Kirk Maughold….I can actually zoom in to the gravestones of my great great grandparents, along with other family members buried in the same area. Thank you!!

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