Thursday 18th May

Latest video uploaded and public, lovely views of Sulby Glen taken over a couple of evenings covering the Bluebells, Strange Stone circle, fallen down building and overall stunning views.

I’m now investigating going Pro with my Drone flying and thus looking at the CAA requirements and associated courses.  This will enable me to create Prints or Canvases and sell but equally look at doing paid work.  All of which I cannot currently do, I am restricted to being a pure hobbyist.

I also have 2 other Drone videos of Laxey and Dhoon Bay all ready to go and make public but I will do this one per evening, which will cover Friday and Saturday this week.

I’m working on a Harley Video where I actually broke the bike going off road.  No crash, just a part fell off meaning the bike wouldn’t run, I did temp fix to get me home but its funny all the same.

I’m also going to try and cut down 2 hours of footage of riding around the Isle of Man roads this evening meaning I have footage to upload for the next 4 days (or more depending on how much I split the 2 hours down).

The job is still very good but very busy and I have now been in this role and thus living on the island for 1 year (as of 16th May).

As I have stated before Blogging doesn’t come naturally to me never being a fan of daily diaries, so don’t expect to see daily blogs, you’re more likely to see just 1 or 2 posts per week along with my preferred video medium for vlogging.

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All the best



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