Thursday 11th May – Not quite a week

Well as you will see, I’m not the greatest blogger.  Typing just isn’t my thing.

Anyway, weather continues to be awesome on the Isle of Man.

Since my last blog I have added a few more Photo galleries and uploaded the odd video one of which was very successful ie the Ramsey one.

Galleries created are, so please feel free to view.

The videos uploaded so far cover Ramsey, Kerroogarroo and Cashtal Fort.

Videos to be released or edited cover Douglas, Cronk-ny-arrey-laa, Sulby Glen and motorcycle vlog from my ride into work today.

Otherwise, things are generally ok and im just plodding along.

Youtube continues to grow and I now have 283 subscribers, so thanks to all those people who find my work slightly interesting.

All the best



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