Sunday 23rd update

Great day and thankyou to all those who have watched my now public Steam engine video, there will be a second video but it is now unlikely to go live tomorrow evening as I had planned.  I filmed so much today that my computer is clunking away to iteself transcoding and rendering well over 1 hour of footage, this has meant I can’t edit the second steam engine video as it’s slowed my computer down to much to be able to work effectively.  It’s not helped by constantly having to move files about as my main external hard drive (5 terabytes) is full.  I have probably over 10tb of video files now and absolutely refuse to delete footage (good or bad) as it is part of my memories and could one day be needed.

Anyway I have filmed in 3 further locations today and thus will hopefully have enough footage to upload a video each evening all this week.  I hope to also go to work on one of my bikes so I can also create a vlog.

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