Friday 5th of May – Not a very good Blogger

Well yes, I keep forgetting to blog or I simply don’t have a clue what to say.

Yesterday I created a couple of videos (actually 3) that have been uploaded to my sister site as they are not drone-related and although my youtube channel is a bit of a mix of subjects I am absolutely determined not to mix my websites up.

The videos are about “why” I have not uploaded recently and to reassure you more is coming I’m simply having a break from editing, the other is my 3000 mile update on my Harley Street Bob and the third was a very short iPhone video of some rally cars.  This weekend I hope to get actual footage of the rally cars tearing up the tarmac around the island.

The weather has been pretty damned good this week, although windy it has been dry, sunny and warm enough to mean I have ridden my bikes to work 3 out of 4 days and the weekend looks to continue with the nice weather and Sunday might even not be windy so I might get to fly the drone (if I can be bothered), unfortunately from what i can see the rally is not on on Sunday and thus due to high winds tomorrow and rally footage will be recorded using either my iPhone or GoPro, that said I may even try to learn to use the DJI Osmo Mobile properly as I have remembered to get both Batteries charged, the Osmo is basically a Gimbal that my Iphone connects to meaning nice steady shots, but I have found it difficult to get into using as its just so simple to pick the phone up and record and then stabalise during the editing stage, we will see, I really want to use it and I am very much geared up to try and produce some nice films around the island over the summer with the osmo, iphone, go pro, drift action cameras, canon 7d SLR and of course the Phantom 4 pro Drone.

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