Tuesday 25th April

So I have now made my second Steam Engine video live and have my Jurby Ship wreck video ready to make live tomorrow.

I’m currently at home editing my Peel video ready for upload and go live on Thursday evening.

All that then remains is the videos from near Niarbyl and Port Grenaugh.

Hoping tomorrow to ride one of my bikes into work to enable a Vlog update as one is long over due.  I’m currently up to 264 subscribers on my YouTube channel and it has shown good growth over the last week.  I still have to do a draw for hitting the 200 subs but may now draw 2 names when I hit 300 as that shouldn’t be that far away now.

Weather is cold, windy and wet at the moment on the Isle of Man but I know it will improve.  Very much looking forward to a long bank holiday weekend.

Take care all.


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