Sunday 30th April

Well I have completed making public my latest run of Drone footage.  Tonight I made my Port Erin video live and that could be the last one for a while.

Although it was seriously windy today I have managed to get out on the Harley and record footage for a Vlog.  Will work on that tomorrow but also hope to get out on one of my other bikes tomorrow to gain some traction on some bike videos.

I also cleaned the Harley today and am a little upset that the aluminium is going crusty thus although the bike and chrome is clean I fully intend to dig the Dremel I got for xmas out and try to polish the aluminium to make the bike perfect again.  If this can be achieved then the bike will get a layer of Acf-40 to protect it from the salt air.

Thank goodness it’s a long Bank Holiday weekend.  I needed a rest.

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