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Thursday 18th May

Latest video uploaded and public, lovely views of Sulby Glen taken over a couple of evenings covering the Bluebells, Strange Stone circle, fallen down building and overall stunning views.

I’m now investigating going Pro with my Drone flying and thus looking at the CAA requirements and associated courses.  This will enable me to create Prints or Canvases and sell but equally look at doing paid work.  All of which I cannot currently do, I am restricted to being a pure hobbyist.

I also have 2 other Drone videos of Laxey and Dhoon Bay all ready to go and make public but I will do this one per evening, which will cover Friday and Saturday this week.

I’m working on a Harley Video where I actually broke the bike going off road.  No crash, just a part fell off meaning the bike wouldn’t run, I did temp fix to get me home but its funny all the same.

I’m also going to try and cut down 2 hours of footage of riding around the Isle of Man roads this evening meaning I have footage to upload for the next 4 days (or more depending on how much I split the 2 hours down).

The job is still very good but very busy and I have now been in this role and thus living on the island for 1 year (as of 16th May).

As I have stated before Blogging doesn’t come naturally to me never being a fan of daily diaries, so don’t expect to see daily blogs, you’re more likely to see just 1 or 2 posts per week along with my preferred video medium for vlogging.

Please dont forget to sub to my youtube (reefislife), like my FB page (isleofmanbydrone), follow me on twitter (reefislife) and also now instagram (isleofmanbydrone).

All the best



Thursday 11th May – Not quite a week

Well as you will see, I’m not the greatest blogger.  Typing just isn’t my thing.

Anyway, weather continues to be awesome on the Isle of Man.

Since my last blog I have added a few more Photo galleries and uploaded the odd video one of which was very successful ie the Ramsey one.

Galleries created are, so please feel free to view.

The videos uploaded so far cover Ramsey, Kerroogarroo and Cashtal Fort.

Videos to be released or edited cover Douglas, Cronk-ny-arrey-laa, Sulby Glen and motorcycle vlog from my ride into work today.

Otherwise, things are generally ok and im just plodding along.

Youtube continues to grow and I now have 283 subscribers, so thanks to all those people who find my work slightly interesting.

All the best



Friday 5th of May – Not a very good Blogger

Well yes, I keep forgetting to blog or I simply don’t have a clue what to say.

Yesterday I created a couple of videos (actually 3) that have been uploaded to my sister site as they are not drone-related and although my youtube channel is a bit of a mix of subjects I am absolutely determined not to mix my websites up.

The videos are about “why” I have not uploaded recently and to reassure you more is coming I’m simply having a break from editing, the other is my 3000 mile update on my Harley Street Bob and the third was a very short iPhone video of some rally cars.  This weekend I hope to get actual footage of the rally cars tearing up the tarmac around the island.

The weather has been pretty damned good this week, although windy it has been dry, sunny and warm enough to mean I have ridden my bikes to work 3 out of 4 days and the weekend looks to continue with the nice weather and Sunday might even not be windy so I might get to fly the drone (if I can be bothered), unfortunately from what i can see the rally is not on on Sunday and thus due to high winds tomorrow and rally footage will be recorded using either my iPhone or GoPro, that said I may even try to learn to use the DJI Osmo Mobile properly as I have remembered to get both Batteries charged, the Osmo is basically a Gimbal that my Iphone connects to meaning nice steady shots, but I have found it difficult to get into using as its just so simple to pick the phone up and record and then stabalise during the editing stage, we will see, I really want to use it and I am very much geared up to try and produce some nice films around the island over the summer with the osmo, iphone, go pro, drift action cameras, canon 7d SLR and of course the Phantom 4 pro Drone.

Bank Holiday 1st May

Wow lovely day on the Isle of Man, been out to the Sound on the Lucky strike Gsxr750wt SRAD and had a cracking ride across the SlOC, part of the bike broke but should be a cheap fix as it’s just the fairing stay. Anyway…….

Then went out later in the day on the Harley to Laxey, Ramsey and back home the long way round.

Of course I have recorded it all but I’ve run out of steam in terms of editing so it may take me a while as I quite honestly need a break from it.

If I ride the bikes to work I’ll still record the footage and use it in future but I’m feeling a little burnt out and just want to chill for a few days.

Hope that makes sense and you all stick with me and my channel.

Sunday 30th April

Well I have completed making public my latest run of Drone footage.  Tonight I made my Port Erin video live and that could be the last one for a while.

Although it was seriously windy today I have managed to get out on the Harley and record footage for a Vlog.  Will work on that tomorrow but also hope to get out on one of my other bikes tomorrow to gain some traction on some bike videos.

I also cleaned the Harley today and am a little upset that the aluminium is going crusty thus although the bike and chrome is clean I fully intend to dig the Dremel I got for xmas out and try to polish the aluminium to make the bike perfect again.  If this can be achieved then the bike will get a layer of Acf-40 to protect it from the salt air.

Thank goodness it’s a long Bank Holiday weekend.  I needed a rest.

Tuesday 25th April

So I have now made my second Steam Engine video live and have my Jurby Ship wreck video ready to make live tomorrow.

I’m currently at home editing my Peel video ready for upload and go live on Thursday evening.

All that then remains is the videos from near Niarbyl and Port Grenaugh.

Hoping tomorrow to ride one of my bikes into work to enable a Vlog update as one is long over due.  I’m currently up to 264 subscribers on my YouTube channel and it has shown good growth over the last week.  I still have to do a draw for hitting the 200 subs but may now draw 2 names when I hit 300 as that shouldn’t be that far away now.

Weather is cold, windy and wet at the moment on the Isle of Man but I know it will improve.  Very much looking forward to a long bank holiday weekend.

Take care all.


Monday 24th April – Tearing my Hair out

About editing this 2nd Steam Engine Video. Lack of Disk space is becoming a major issue.

Anyway on a positive…..I have uploaded more photos to the following galleries and pages for your hopeful enjoyment….. – Steam Engines – Port Grenaugh – Peel and some of these are stunning (I Think) – Niarbyl – Jurby Beach – Ship Wreck

All will have videos to follow but this is my start to relieve some of my own stress.

Let me know what you think please.

Sunday 23rd update

Great day and thankyou to all those who have watched my now public Steam engine video, there will be a second video but it is now unlikely to go live tomorrow evening as I had planned.  I filmed so much today that my computer is clunking away to iteself transcoding and rendering well over 1 hour of footage, this has meant I can’t edit the second steam engine video as it’s slowed my computer down to much to be able to work effectively.  It’s not helped by constantly having to move files about as my main external hard drive (5 terabytes) is full.  I have probably over 10tb of video files now and absolutely refuse to delete footage (good or bad) as it is part of my memories and could one day be needed.

Anyway I have filmed in 3 further locations today and thus will hopefully have enough footage to upload a video each evening all this week.  I hope to also go to work on one of my bikes so I can also create a vlog.

Sunday 23rd April

Another beautiful day!  So guess what!  Drone flying.

Even more shocking is after a year of avoiding it I’ve finally put the fear of seagulls behind me and flown properly at Peel, covering the harbour, town, beach and the castle.  Think I should have some great footage to edit.

Currently just having a cup of tea at niarbyl after flying nearby and still have 1 and a half batteries left.  Magical mystery tour…..where to next.  Will keep you updated.

Oh first of the steam engine videos at the Gooseneck will go live this evening so please share with friends and groups.

Ta ta for now 😉

Saturday 22nd April

Well what a busy but fantastic day.  I have firstly made my video from the Chasms live but have also filmed the steam engines pulling the steam train across the mountain at both the Gooseneck and Brandywell.  To cap that off I then had around a five mile round walk along the beach at Jurby to film the ship wreck.  So expect to see some photo and video uploads from these over the next week.  Hope you continue to enjoy my footage.

Testing iPhone app

So I now have an app on my phone for posting blog posts more easily and readily.

I will try to post a lot more often to keep peeps informed of what I’m up to and maybe where I’m flying my drone.  Will also do the same on for my day to day activities.

You should have noticed also that I have added 2 more sections to this web site to cover Isle of Man road closures and Isle of Man news, hopefully you will find it useful, I will eventually do the same for as that is my more isleofman generic web site.

Wednesday 19th April

Well you will have already have noticed the new look and feel to the web site.  I prefer the clean look.  I still have drone footage from Snaefell and the Chasms to edit but tonight I have finally uploaded a new Vlog on my GSXR from the weekend before last to my sister site and of course my youtube channel

Hopefully I will have one of the drone videos ready to go live by Friday evening once i have edited it tomorrow…….unless i get out and fly some more 😉

Tuesday 18th April

Have uploaded some more photos last night from Snaefell and the Trams (in a Transportation folder) and will be editing videos this week.

Also adjusted the Photos menu as it was growing to long and thus have created some fairly generic sub-sections, such as Towns, coastal locations.

Will hopefully get some more flights in and ideally a vlog or 2 on my other site.

Saturday 8th April

New Photo Gallery added covering The Sound and video should be live on my youtube channel with a link on here later.

Been out flying the drone today and thus will have Drone footage of Port E Vullen, Snaefell Tram and the Steam Train over next week.

Also been out on the the GSXR and should have a VLog to upload tomorrow / Monday, weather was amazing and had some good fun.

Take care all.

Tuesday 4th April

Well the nice weather is back!

Tonight I have uploaded a Video of me flying around Kirk Michael on Sunday, I am also currently uploading one taken in the Hills above Ballaugh again at the weekend.  This one will be made public tomorrow at 17:30 as per normal.

I’m beginning to struggle to think what to film next tbh so idea would be welcome.

Oh I must also upload some photos, and that may be completed tonight and will be added to the photos section, these will be of Kirk Michael, Hills Above Ballaugh and also some near the Sound.

Sunday 2nd April

Been out filming again and and will have more photos to upload this week along with videos.

New Video uploaded tonight of a different view of Peel.

There will be no upload tomorrow as I’m having a rest from editing for a night tonight.   Top Gear time.

Saturday 1st April

Sooo I was working most of today so no chance to go out filming more Drone Footage.

Of course that doesn’t stop me making one I filmed last week live….which I have just done…..Its filmed in the hill above Kirk Michael on the West Coast of the Island.  Some nice views and a bit of filming around what looks like an old mine or farm.

Hope to be out on one of the bikes tomorrow but still editing a different one of Peel for upload tomorrow.


Friday 31st March – Looking forward to the weekend

So its Friday.

I have had a good week with 1 motovlog upload and as of later this evening 3 Drone uploads from Sulby, Laxey and soon Maughold.

I hope to get out and get more footage this weekend as long as the weather is kind to me, not sure where but I’m sure I can find some decent locations.

Thankyou for the support and comments made on my videos oh and I’ve gained 5 subscribers to my youtube channel this week which is absolutely fantastic.

Anyway, you will now find a link to my new maughold video in the video section….its IMHO nice and one that has been requested of me many many times..

Thursday 30th March – Laxey Wheel

Weather back to being rubbish, misty, foggy and wet.

Anyway, my video of Sulby Reservoir has had 150 views already and I am about to hit publish on my Video of a flight around Laxey Wheel, its a little shorter and still with great music supplied by Anthony Cubbon, it will also show you parts around the Wheel that you cannot normally see unless you visit the site, which I now fully intend to do once I get my Residence Heritage Pass as there is a mine to visit etc.


As always hope you enjoy and if these leads on to you subbing on my Youtube channel then thats even more awesome.

Take care all.



Tuesday 29th March – Isle of Man in all its glory.

Well here it is, what I believe to be my best video so far, a little bit of precision flying and unbelievably beautiful scenery make it a winner with a great musical background track.

I hope you enjoy watching whilst i start work on either my Maughold or Laxey Wheel videos which hopefully will turn out as well and for hopeful release tomorrow.

If you like the video then please comment, like and sub to my channel and please feel free to share on FB or any other social media you may be active on.

I honestly think it shows off this beautiful island in all its glory, you can even if you watch full screen see Northern Ireland, Scotland and Cumbria due to the clear day and 4k recording.

Thanks as always for your support.


You are in for a treat……Promise

So last night I uploaded a Motovlog managing to get 1 Hour 45 mins of footage down to 30 mins, some nice views if your interested.

Tonight however I’m working on multiple flights around Sulby Reservoir and some Tholtons…..I have to say I Think I might have got the art heading in the right direction.   It will take me a few more hours to perfect and trim further but you should get to see it tomorrow……but from my initial cut I have to say WOW!

Pleas sub to my youtube channel and if interested view my other site where you will find my latest motovlog.

Love to all.



Saturday 25th March

Wow……what a day it was on the beautiful Isle of Man today.

Whole day flying the drone as you will find in the Photo section with new galleries for Laxey, Sulby Area, Peel, Maughold and Above Kirk Michael.

I  have also started to increase the Photo Display tool size so that you can see the images in a more pleasing size.

I now have 5 videos to edit for all the above locations but Sunday will be a bike day I think…..Hope you continue to like and keep coming back to see my newest photos.

Monday 20th March

So we have just had a huge hail storm however…….my Port Cornaa Video is complete and rendering…it will take all night to upload and will be made public Tuesday evening around 6pm but to wet your appetite i have uploaded a Port Cornaa Gallery with some views you wont see too often including a house you may never new existed!!!! its huge!

Anyway I hope you enjoy the video tomorrow, I’m trying hard to be more creative and spent hours on this one, if nothing else it passes the time away.

Soooooo looking forward to the clocks changing so I can  fly even more………let me know your thoughts….dont be shy and please sub to my youtube channel….surely i can get a few thousand subs from the isle of man alone….im trying my best to please!!!!!

Sunday 19th March

Today I have captured some nice footage to edit from Port Cornaa and the Glen that leads up to the old mine.  Even discovered a massive house that I didn’t know existed but for privacy, I may edit most of that out.   Hopefully, that video will be edited Monday evening and be available Tuesday, however, photos taken using the Drone should be available later on Monday evening as they have already been edited in Lightroom and just need me to upload.

It wasn’t a great weekend weatherwise on the Isle of Man this weekend but next weekend looks pretty amazing as long as the met office are correct, which is good because tonight we have more gales arriving and predicted rain on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thursday 16th March

Snaefell video made public on youtube and linked to in the video section here.  Found out some very sad history about this place when in 1897 many miners were killed, anyway that information is in the video description section on youtube.

Have had to take the site down for a short period as it was running very slow as it seems popular and thus i have swtiched on load balancing across various servers, this seems to have improved things but time will tell.

Also received 3 CD’s from a local musician “Anthony Cubbon” of which I am now attempting to RIP the muisc files into Finalcut so that I can use them on all future Drone videos.

Thanks for all your support and there should be another Drone video made public tomorrow evening.

Wednesday 15th March

Well I didn’t get to fly the drone today but I have uploaded another of my videos from earlier in the week and it can be seen in the video page or on my youtube channel if you want more control on output quality etc

Incidentally, I have 52 drone videos now on my channel if you’d like to view my previous videos.  My channel as a whole has 130 videos which ranges from Drone, to motorcycle test rides and vlogs if your suitably interested.

Becoming a subscriber on the youtube channel itself is a sure fire way of 1. supporting me but 2. Ensuring you get notifications of my latest uploads.

Take care all.  Craig


Tuesday 14th March

Trying to get as many flights in as possible whilst the weather is good.

So now have Onchan video to edit and have uploaded some photos to the photos menu.

I am also just about click public on my Sulby Video on youtube which will obviously be linked in the videos section here.

You should also be able to see a links page and if you have a web site and want to work with me cross advertising then let me know.

All the best Craig.

Monday 13th March

Managed to fly the drone again today so have more editing to do, this time Fleshwick Bay and also managed to catch the sunset from Douglas Sea Terminal.

3 New Galleries and photos added to the Photo section aka Sulby Glen, Fleshwick Bay and Douglas.  (I will add photos over the years as I fly these places over time).  I am currently playing with the image size to try to find that perfect medium of decent enough size but also fast loading.  These 3 galleries are now 1024 x 768 and looks ok but maybe could be larger.

Anyway more editing and I may just click make public on my Port St Mary video.

Please keep checking back.

Sunday 12th March

Day of 2 halves, morning was quite frankly rubbish weather wise, however the afternoon improved and thus I was able to get out and fly the drone along Sulby Valley.

I have also completed the Port St Mary video which is uploaded but waiting for me to click publish.

I’m also thinking I may need to split my youtube channel to have one dedicated to drone footage and then my current one holding my vlogs and any non-drone related videos.  My channel just isn’t growing and I have to consider its because I have mixed content.  It’s actually really frustrating but I’m sure I will make a decision at some point.

Rubbish Weather

Weather was rubbish today on the Island, very foggy and mainly wet.

Therefore after a lazy morning I have uploaded my Glen Maye video to my youtube channel

I am also now completing the video of the Mines in Snaefell valley, which is in the most part complete but will probably take the whole night to upload and render to full quality and thus I wont make it public until tomorrow at some point.  I have also discovered there was a major disaster at this mine in 1897 where sadly 19 miners lost their lives.  (I have added more info in the video description).

9th March 2017

Flew the Drone at Port St Mary and above the Chibbanagh Plantation, photos uploaded and in the Photo Menu, videos will be edited over the next week or so.

It was another stunning day on the Isle of Man especially later in the day when the breeze died down a little.

Wednesday 8th March

I have now published my short Drone video around Eary Cushlin and continue to work on both my web sites.

I have also added a link to Amazon with my recommendations for stuff.  If your in the market and click any of my links and then buy anything else on the site (even unrelated) then I get a commission.  It wont make me rich but may help me buy extra batteries or lenses etc.

Have a great evening.

I also have drone footage from Laxey Valley and Glen Maye to edit and then upload over the next few days.

Welcome to my new site dedicated to flying my drone on the Isle of Man

Welcome to my website which is somewhere I can share photos and videos I have taken around the island using my DJI Phantom Drone, the photos will be high resolution and feel free to share them but please if you do then put an acknowledgment that they are mine (I think that’s only fair).   The video produced will in most part be 4k footage and will be linked to my Youtube channel.

I hope you enjoy and I would be honored if you clicked Subscribe to my channel and like my videos, comments are always welcome and sort after. (I can only improve if I know where I can change things).

Drone : DJI Phantom 4 Pro